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Actual information

Due to the current high demand of our range, please note that without a previous confirmed order, it will not be possible to ship the goods !!!

We recommend ordering goods at least 14 days in advance.

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GRANIO s.r.o. Tis u Blatna Quarry

GRANIO s.r.o. operates Tis u Blatna Quarry, which is mined and processed Tis granite, traditional natural materials. Tis granite is also known under its previous name „Czech feldspar“.

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Paving and construction material

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Company priorities

The goal of GRANIO s.r.o. is the ideal use of all available sources of raw materials, the highest possible quality of manufactured products and satisfying the needs of customers in the implementation of all construction projects.
Prevention comes first in occupational safety.
Environmental protection is a priority.
Modernization of equipment.